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Ftouh Mills is a family-owned food processing business located in Jdeidet Ghazir, Keserwan, Lebanon that has been producing premium quality specialty grains for food distributors, manufacturers, and exporters since 1967. The Ftouh mills brand is known throughout Lebanon and the middle east as superior quality bulgur wheat. Our modern manufacturing plant is engineered to produce the highest quality bulgur wheat. State of the art machinery and technological advances provide for a consistent product produced to tight specifications. A triple cleaning method used exclusively by Ftouh mills carries through to the final product. Metal detectors, a quality control program, and an HAACP plan stringently monitor food safety. The cleanliness of our plant and the attention to detail is unsurpassed in the industry.


Ftouh Mills History - It All Started in 1967 Ftouh Mills was founded in 1967 under the name of Ftouh Mills Company, by Michel and Georges Ghbayra. The original bulgur process used the traditional way that it was made in the Middle East. Almost immediately they became known as the premium bulgur wheat manufacturer and, with growing demand for their high quality product, they soon perfected a continuous method of processing that was unique in the industry. Today, Ftouh Mills is one of the most modern bulgur wheat manufacturing facility in Lebanon and continues the legacy of a family business committed to hard work and superior quality, whole grain, natural products

Ftouh Mills' Mission

Ftouh Mills's mission is to be the industry leader in the production and distribution of the highest quality specialty grain products. Ftouh Mill will accomplish this mission by steadfastly standing behind its products and being committed to the well-being of its customers, suppliers, distributors and team members. We will provide an environment that includes opportunity for all while producing a fair return for our shareholders. Above all, we are thankful for the many gifts that God has provided and ask for His continued grace and guidance.

Ftouh Mills' Vision

Ftouh Mill will be a highly visible company that is known for its commitment to integrity, honesty and quality products. We will be the industry's most desired producer and distributor of food products that are nutritious, all natural, and wholesome. We will be the industry's most desired employer, one that cares about its people, their families, their faith, our community and all things that lead to the success we share together. We will be a company that constantly looks to the future and invests in it as well as the future of our team members and families. We will employ the most professional, loyal, dedicated and hardworking people in the industry. They will be proud to say they work for Ftouh mills and Ftouh mills will be proud to have them as long-term members of its team.